Megix Color Oil Ammonia Free is the evolution of coloring products, an innovative concept that was created by placing at the center of the modern woman. The end result is not only the ultimate in gray coverage, but also in the ability to transform the image of the customer, who rediscovers the freedom to express themselves and play with fashion without sacrificing the health of their hair. Megix Oil Ammonia Free Color represents the perfect synergy between science and nature, a new opportunity to treat and color the hair in a dynamic and creative way, easy and secure, giving nourishment, hydration, shine and protection.



Megix Color Oil Ammonia Free is the ideal tool to meet the needs of professionals in the field and the wishes of the most attentive and demanding customers. consistently impressive results and maximum respect for the skin and hair due to lack of ammonia: this is the basis of the success of Megix Color Oil Ammonia Free, a product that offers many benefits such as:

• cosmetic coloring in never aggressive oil thanks to the total absence of ammonia;
• Ideal for total coverage of white hair;
• perfect for tone-on-tone colors,
• overtime to tints intense and vibrant;
• ideal for lightening safely up to three levels;
• composition “fragrance free” fragrance;
• utmost delicacy of skin and hair thanks to the exclusive care complex and protective;
• no stain on the skin;
• only suitable for professional use only.


In order to obtain the best results in terms of coverage and color retention, it is necessary to apply the color mixture to your hair, avoiding dabbing the color many times with the applicator brush. Comb each lock of hair before applying the color mixture and never comb them after applying it.

Mixing: 1+1 for all nuances

Developer 21 Vol. – 32 Vol. – 40 Vol.
Oxidizing emulsions developed according to Megix Color Oil principles for obtaining the best covering, bleaching, intensity and shine, always taking maximum care of the hair structure. These boosters allow not only a total allow not only a total developmentof pigments, but also a greater bleaching effect on natural pigments, thus offering more intensity and dynamism to the color. Developer products contain precious active principles that moisture, nourish and make your hair shiny.

Developer 12 Vol.
A new generation booster, developed for providing hair with new shining, highlighting and intense effects, as well as for toning streaks and bleached hair. A new generation booster, developed for recreating the color and giving intensely bright highlights to natural or dyed hair.


Massage the color thoroughly without adding water. When the processing time is over, add abundant water and rinse the color until water runs perfectly clear. Proper rinsing is essential in order to obtain a bright and shiny color. Shampoo hair first and then apply Megix Color Care conditioner for removing any residue of nonoxidized pigments.



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