Megix Color Oil

The exclusive formulation of Megix Color Oil Ammonia Free is composed of the elements most useful to achieve extraordinary performance in safety, including acids derived from fruit apples, oranges, currants and grapes: valuable antioxidants and soothing that create a real natural shield to protect skin and hair throughout the duration of application.

Kiwi and grapefruit extracts

They are very rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, minerals salts and proteins. They carry out a refreshing and nourishing action. The kiwi extract, with its energizing and revitalizing activity, adds shine to pigments, while the grapefruit extract has soothing, softening and purifying properties. Thanks to the presence of grapefruit and kiwi, each application of Color Oil becomes a real beauty treatment which energizes, moisturizes and purifies your hair.

Bamboo pith extract

The use of bamboo pith comes from an old popular tradition which is very common in tropical countries. This extract has strengthening and restructuring properties, which give new life even to damaged hair, increasing its strength and preventing it from split ends. Therefore, your hair appears stronger, more regular and straight.

Soy Proteins

Proteins and amino acids extracted from soy, a vegetal rich source of active nutritious principles, show great similarities with keratin fibers. Such extracts are able to penetrate deeply into the hair cuticle, thus strengthening and reinforcing the hair immediately from inside. Soy proteins act in synergy with bamboo pith, thus exerting a double restructuring and protecting effect on hair, in a completely natural way.

UV Filter

This molecule, which is extracted from the willow tree, acts as a UV filter, protecting hair keratin fibers from sun damage and thus preventing their premature aging. It gives your hair volume and softness, with an intense moisturizing effect. It protects hair color and greatly contributes to maintain the natural shine of your hair for a long time. The release of these active principles to the hair fiber occurs slowly, thus allowing a greater absorption and increasing their effect.


Oxidizing emulsions developed according to Megix Color Oil principles for obtaining the best covering, bleaching, intensity and shine, always taking maximum care of the hair structure. These boosters allow not only a total allow not only a total developmentof pigments, but also a greater bleaching effect on natural pigments, thus offering more intensity and dynamism to the color. Developer products contain precious active principles that moisture, nourish and make your hair shiny.

A new generation booster, developed for providing hair with new shining, highlighting and intense effects, as well as for toning streaks and bleached hair. A new generation booster, developed for recreating the color and giving intensely bright highlights to natural or dyed hair.

Useful advice
In case of up to 50% white hair, apply directly the product in the desired nuance, without base (.0). From 50% to 100% white hair, just add a quantity of base (.0) to the desired highlight color, with the same level of tone depth ranging from 20% to 60% of the total amount. Respecting the processing time is essential for obtaining a perfect result.


A series of very light blond colors for bleaching your hair up to three levels, obtaining lively and natural highlights and newly shiny hair. They can be obtained by mixing ¾ of 0.0 with ¼ of 10.0, 10.3 or 10.7 nuances. Mixing: 1 + 1. Processing time: 50 minutes.


This extremely versatile product, mixed with Color Oil shades, not only allows to have ammonia-free super bleaching exerting a gentle action on skin and hair, but also to increase the bleaching effect, to enhance highlights and, if used pure, to eliminate color overlapping.


Highlight intensifiers for obtaining intense and vibrant hair colors, for personalizing and brightening each Color Oil color shade and neutralizing any undesired highlight resulting from previous hair coloring.
• Red: for enhancing red highlights or obtaining a pure red color.
• Copper: for enhancing copper highlights or obtaining a pure copper color.
• Purple: for neutralizing gold highlights or obtaining a pure purple color.
• Blue: for neutralizing copper highlights or obtaining a pure blue color.
• Gold: for neutralizing gold highlights or obtaining a pure golden color.
Add 5/10 ml of Pure shades to the Megix Color Oil mixture with Developer to neutralize undesired color highlights. Add 5 ml apart from the mixture to intensify the glares.


For young and dynamic people who wish to start coloring their hair gradually and gently, Mowan proposes Color Bath, a coloring which gives bright highlights to your hair. Thanks to its very gentle boosters, Developer 12 Vol., mixed with Color Oil, it is possible to obtain even more natural and gentle semi-permanent hair colors.


Color Oil Well-Being Color System
In order to obtain a perfect color, as well as healthy and silky hair, even after consecutive applications, Mowan recommends the use of Developer 21 Vol., 32 Vol. And 40 Vol. for hair new growth that requires a bleaching and covering action, and Developer 12 Vol. for lengths and ends requiring a gentle and coloring action.


After the dyeing service, Megix recommends using Megix Post Color line for an effective preservation of the result obtained. The line consists of Color Care Shampoo and Color Care Conditioner. Both contain the excellent properties of Argan Oil which, thanks to its components such as vitamin E and linoleic acid, ensures deep moisturizing and softness. A mix of trace elements, associated with a polypeptide substrate, helps to bind water and moisturizes your hair. Effectiveness tests conducted through electron microscopy studies showed a significant increase in hair moisturizing, due to the penetration of minerals into the fibre.